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911 Bail Bonds

If you have been arrested call 911 Bail Bonds of Las Vegas and get out fast!

In Las Vegas, Nevada and most of the country, when you get a bail bond you are guaranteeing perfect attendance for all court matters. Guilty, not guilty doesn’t matter, you’re just saying the person bailed, the “defendant”, will go to all their court dates.

You have two options; the first is cash bail, you can pay the total bail amount to the court, and when the person you bailed (the defendant) is finished with all their obligations to the court, you will get that money back, less fees, in about 90 days. The advantages to cash bail are that the only money you’re out are the fees the court charges, the disadvantages are that while the court holds the money for, depending on the charge, a lengthy perod of time, it gains no interest, and if you borrowed the money, like say put it on a credit card, the fees or interest keep accumulating, and obviously, if the person you bailed misses a court date, the money you put up may be forfeit.

Las Vegas Bail Bond Options

Your second option is surety bail. In Las Vegas, and the rest of Nevada, the bail bonds company would put up a bail bond, which is like a check, and as long as the defendant appears in court, will not be cashed.

The defendant has the obligation to do everything the court asks, when he does and finishes up his business, the bond is “exonerated”, or declared null and void, it is worthless, the matter between the bail bonds company and you is over. If a defendant misses a court date, a warrant will be issued. If the defendant misses a court date, it is serious, but not the end of the world. The bail bonds company or an attorney, can usually get the defendant a new court date, and even though rare, it could involve the bail bonds company physically getting the defendant before the judge.

Our Bail Bond Services Include:

* Domestic Violence Bail Bonds
* Warrant Bail Bonds
* Felony Bail Bonds
* Misdemeanor Bail Bonds
* Drug Related Bail Bonds
* Weapons Bail Bonds
* Immigration Bail Bonds
* Traffic Bail Bonds
* Se Habla Espanol

911 Bail Bonds
Las Vegas Bail Bonds | 702-489-3000 | Bail Bonds Las Vegas NV

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